Lizards FaceBook Band Page

We will be adding new songs and video to play, and more. When you click "like" on this page, we can send you a message with news, and of course you can post comments.
Lizards FaceBook Group 

FB changed the group format recently, and while fun to converse on, the band page seems to be better all the way around.


Austin Lounge Lizards Yahoo! Group

Conrad moderates this one!

Blue Corn Music
The Lizards' current record label.

Class Act Entertainment
The Lizards' booking agency.

Darcie Deaville's official website

More on DarcieDeaville, the Lizard's former fiddle/mandolin player. She's recorded her own music, and has substantial credits in theatre. If you need a music teacher, Darcie's the one you want to call. You'll also see her as a side"man" and hear her on other musician's recordings.

Bruce Jones Music

Bruce, our former bass player, also does plenty on his own. The Lizards were lucky to get him - not only a great bass player, he's a remarkable songwriter and multi-instrumentist. Check him out.

A creative umbrella of Darcie Deaville's. These days it's as much about dogs as it is a record label and publishing company. Go figure.

George Brainard Photographer

George has taken studio shots of us in the past, though not the current ones on this page. He is a very creative person and a great friend. Take a walk through his world!