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Hi guys! Long time no see (like I stopped going to music festivals). You're the BEST. Keep on keepin' on. How fortunate that Newt brought some new timeliness to an old goodie! Tom retiring??? OMG. Who'll play the steel guitar and sing about Jesus's love??
After the last couple of articles in the New York Times about The Newt, I submitted comments to the effect that everything that needs to be said about Newt has already been said in your tune, "Gingrich the Newt." I trust another song, or maybe just a new bridge in some weird minor mode, might now be composed about The Donald? And The Mitt? And/or The Bo(eh)ner? Thanks for all the great music and laughs over lots of years. And Tom P. - Say it ain't so!
I have loved you for years!!!! I met you in East Providence, RI in the 80's and have thrilled my family with your music and lyrics. best lyrics to date: Rasputin's HMO
Every time i hear the Austin Lounge Lizards on KPIG Radio, it just makes me shrug and say, you know, life isnt that bad! keep singing and smiling guys! BTW< the pig is streaming free again, check it out for a week free of charge.. http://www.kpig.com/index.cfm/streaming_free_trial.htm
BEYOND BRILLIANT! (based on my first LL album, Strange Noises). LOVE the tunes and lyrics! Impossible to pick a favorite! Strange Noises, You Can Eat Dog Food, and Merchants Lunch are three of the best; I love the way you slipped "S-U-L-G-S" into Banana Slugs; and I revel in the instrumental skill on display in Snopes Glory, especially at 2:45 in, when y'all kick it into a driving, 4-beat, straight-ahead style that just drenches me with a joyous musical RUSH! Gotta get more! Thanks for a fantastic experience!
Hey- lots of great comments here, and thank you! There are a few questions- some from a while back. There's plenty to answer. For starters, we'll be posting something from Hank and Conrad, and maybe Tom will pitch in too- about how we will miss him, what we're planning, all that good stuff. Look for a re-design of the website and new photos, too! Tom is a presence we will all miss. FYI- these last tours we gave him more of the stage than in the past. I've played in the band on and off for about 13 years before becoming a permanent member. I can brag on Hank and Conrad - they've always been the main writers. You should see what it's like to be in the car with those two! They are a lot funnier than they (have) let on, so we have a treat in store for us. And wait till you hear what Conrad can play on the guitar! Bruce hasn't been let loose yet, either. So thank you for standing by the Lizards as a group- for 31 years it's always been that collaboration that's made the band what it is!
Been a fan for MANY years, hope y'all come back to the Carolinas some day
Great show at The Barns on Saturday night! After the sturm und drang of Friday, I needed a good laugh, and you all provided it. THANK YOU!!!
Last night's show was brilliant. Tom, you've been wonderful every time I've seen the Lizards perform live. It's been a real treat and you will be missed. Thank you for everything you've done for the band.
Thoroughly enjoyed another Sellersville show last night. Darcie and Bruce are admirable additions to the band.  I brought uninitiated friends along who became new fans within minutes and were humming your tunes on the way home.  I'm still chuckling over Conrad's excellent use of "sebaceous" in describing Hank's lost adolescence.  Thanks for making eastern PA a regular stop, fulfilling my craving for LL live since seeing you unexpectedly perform in the TX Med Assn auditorium at lunch hour at 15th and Guadalupe while living in Austin 20 years ago.  Good luck Tom, you will be sorely missed.  I hope the band continues on, perhaps even a new album in an era of individual digital downloads?  The world awaits an incisive LL ditty about the inanity of Facebook or texting, or the cyber maelstrom of YouTube, iTunes, smartphones, and iPads.  Thanks for all the entertainment and thought provoking laughs over the years!
Dudes! and Dudette! Say it ain't so, won't ya? I can't imagine a Lizards show without Tom's dobro, his deep, droll voice and deadpan delivery that comes in at all the right moments and cracks me up! We'll miss ya, bro! And don't tase me.
I love you guys! I'm so sorry Tom is leaving. I wish him well. And I hope the rest of you continue to make the awesome music you make. The first time I heard you guys was on the radio, while I was driving. It was the Jesus Loves Me song ... and I had to pull over to the side of the road (not easy in mid-Manhattan), because I was laughing so hard, I was crying!
Dear Lizards, After two years of hard work, me and a local filmaker are finishing up a DVD featuring my dogs and his kids performing skids to one dozen classic (and hilarious) Country and Folk songs. For example, my neutered, male Miniature Poodle plays "The Boy Named Sue" in the skit to Johnny Cash's song. I have spent over $1,500. dollars on props, costumes, etc. in order to bring these classic American Folk and Country songs to life in a way never seen before. Who knows, the "Folk Song Pet Skit" concept just might catch on nationwide. Your song "Hillbillies in a Haunted House" is one of the skits, and I was wondering if you would like to collaborate with me to mass produce and market this funny and inspiring DVD. Of course, you would share in the rewards. Thank you, Ron Olson
I am totally bummed out that Tom is retiring. So! I WILL be at your show at the Freight tomorrow.
Please have Tom contact me this weekend 510 599 8200. Went to hs and college with Tom. Live in oakland
Hope to see you @ Sons of Herman Apr 2nd. Who is the promoter and are they selling advance tix? Would absolutely ruin my retirement if I missed Tom's.
Big fan - Hoping for an answer - Do you no longer perform regularly in Austin or other TX venue? Planning a visit to TX Mar 26 through April 2. Are you performing in TX? Where and when? Linda Sparlin
Hi Guys! Yes, Oz the Bass Player from years ago. Tom, calling it a career eh? Well, it's been a long time, can't blame you. I've missed seeing you guys all these years. Living in California now, sorry I'll miss you in Santa Cruz but my best wishes always go with you.
Hope to see you here in Yuma next year. Hope your booker & our entertainment director can work it out. He loved the cds I loaned him & your videos on the web
Hi, I'm a big fan, and found your website for the first time today. While watching the video about the healthcare pirates, I noticed an error. Kaiser (one of the flags on the ship) is actually a non-profit. with no stockholders. Profits go back into capital improvements, infrastructure, charity care, and employee benefits. Say, while I have you on the virtual page, I've been enjoying Merchants Lunch for many years. Is there an overlap with Red Clay Ramblers? Thanks! Linda
Farewell to Tom?!? Say it ain't so! I'll weigh in with a fave moment or two... Like @ Koowombah with Rahbut Keen as the opening act. REK playing percussion on an Anhuac encore by smashing the mic into his forehead. Richard Bowden educating me on the genius of Terry Allen. I am going to buy Winters tickets tomorrow.
Just get ticket for your show on 4-9 it been 12 since i saw you live
Tom, I loath to see you go. But thanks for playing 'Anahuac' in Corvallis, OR in about 1994. I will take credit for that; it cost me a few beers to get all my friends to step up and ask for it. We don't see enough of any of you here in the NW.
Tom I grew up in Asheville. Are you the same person who worked at Highland and Homewood School? I believe we've met. I teach at UT. Good luck in NC! Wonderful place to live.
TOM! You're calling it quits??? Thanks for all the good times, good laughs, good shows. You'll be missed. Best in whatever you do next!
I've loved "Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs" since the first time I heard it on KRWG's Back Porch radio show. Now I'm bringing it into my college English class for discussion. Is there anything you'd like me to pass along to my students?
your songs are so true
Youze guys rock!
Your song "the Other shore" makes me cry every time I hear it. Ya'll are great!!!! ever play in Los Angeles?
Love you guys
Molly I. would be proud
my heroes
hey guys, just sayin' hello. been a while. was happy to hear cuba in michael moores movie. i can't believe i've been listening to you guys for 23 years. i must have brain damage.
I will do everything in my power to make sure that "Stupid Texas Song" gets played on the local sports radio shows, and also at AT&T Park, throughout the World Series.
I've been a fan since the beginning. Great as usual. On 10-9 at the Cactus I bought "Small Minds" & though it has the booklet, there was no CD inside! Help, please.....
Haven't seen you all in a couple of years. WE used to love seeing you at the Bishop musical festival and then in Davis. The last time we saw you was in Grass Valley, CA. Wish you would come back there. What happened to Boo? Is he OK?Hope to see you soon with your new additions.
Hey Lizards, Any chance you'll get up to the lovely Orcas Center, on Orcas Island, WA, anytime in the future? Since we moved from Davis, CA this summer, we (and our dogs) really miss you.
Lunatics! Every last one of you! I look forward falling off the the wagon of sanity and seeing you (again) tomorrow night in Denver. They're coming to take me away......
Our group called The Raging Grannies, part of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, sings at farmer's markets and for other groups on behalf of social justice and equality. We are all of a certain age and not taking any money for our protests. We love your two songs The Drugs I Need and Go Ahead and Die. We sing about single payer and for keeping medicaid for vulnerable populations. Can we sing those two songs? If we end up on You Tube, we would not want to offend you. We think you are immensely talented and will buy CDs as compensation. :) Thanks.
Sept 12 - Walsh, Colorado. $10/ticket they say it's "on Main Street" but Google Maps calls it N. Colorado (at intersection w. Poplar). From Google Street View, about 443 N. Colorado then do an "about face" Walsh Art Center P.O. Box 25 Walsh, CO 81090
Dang - I may have to come to Texas, afterall, just to see you guys live!
Please help get the Texas Bottle Bill passed. It will increase recycling significantly. Check out the website: http://www.texasbottlebill.com/index.html Love your music and lyrics!
Hello! Say, I was just on the back porch drinkin' a beer and listiening to Hwy. Cafe' on cassette. Yes, CASSETTE! Is that how one spells "cassette"? Anyway, just missing the days of Portland (OR) shows and the one off Cleveland one. All the best to you Lizards, especially Hank, Conrad and Tom. Please play "Anahuac" for me at the next gig (Tom's favorite)! Cheers! Reed
Keep on Keeping on
i like your cds because they are shaped like circles.
Did you guys ever cover any Pink Floyd? I thought I heard a version of "Dark Side of the Moon" way back in 1992 or 3 or 4. Anyway if you did I gotta have a copy!
I've already got my calendar marked for next April, when you return to the DC area! Loved your show at the Birchmere a few years ago, looking forward to your show at the Barns at Wolf Trap!
Just spent some time and money on iTunes chasing down obscure LL tunes as well as stuff by Darcie and Bruce. Some great music out there. Please consider putting "White Rabbit" back into the set list.
Really cool band. I like you a lot. Tatiana tatiana.lenina@gmail.com
You guys rock :) Erik Blodøkse erikblodoekse@gmail.com
We've been to every one of your terrific shows at Freight and Salvage, including the one a few days ago in the Freight's new place. We always buy the tickets in advance, and so look forward this time to receiving "80 Hillbillies..." We miss your former members, but the new ones are first-rate, too.
Just caught your show in Carson City. Fantastic, especially the "costume changes". Both Darcy and Bruce are excellent additions. You should probably charge more for tickets.
Huge fan of your music. Got turned on to the Lizards via Tom Rush's cover of Old Blevins. Please, keep up the good works.:) We need all the (in)sanity we can get, these days
Margaret- we were JUST THERE! At Cafe Lena on May 7 or 8 or something... we missed you!!! Are you on our mailing list? 'Cause we sent out an enewsletter, and postcards for the tech impaired. : (
Please let us know when you are near Albany/Saratoga Springs, NY
Good afternoon! Back in 2000 my wife & I bicycled thru Ireland with Boo & his wife, Some of the recent material about the band doesn’t list Boo, Is he OK? Would appreciate to info! We still have the CD that we got from Boo @ Beanblossom Indiana.—our kids enjoy it. We’re car people & love my little minivan! Thanks! Tony & Shelley Uebelhor Jasper In.
Come to GA!!!!
Hi, I'm Tom Power, "Bones" father. We saw you guys at the Iron Horse and in Tamworth. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate how nice you were, both to me and especially my daughter. You made her so happy it was awesome. She can't stop talking about. We had a great time and the shows we great. I just needed to send this and say Thanks again, and we can't wait to see you again.
Howdy y'all. Been enjoying listening to the website, though I do have to admit that it is really weird hearing Darcie sing things like "Godforsaken Hellhole" that I know soooo well with the other vocalists. (I actually remember the first time I heard that song was with Louis Harrison down in the KUT basement studio!) If I don't see ya next week know its because I'd have to leave early to go to my job! joyce
hey guys, just checking up on you. I remember when you guys used to come up to Kingsport TN every year for the New Years Eve Festival. Me and My dad would always hit your show first and then try to come back at least for one more show that night. After 2000 they quit having the festival so I havent gotten to see you guys since. You guys are a big part of my younger New Years Memories. Hopefully Ill get to see you guys again with the new members, but until then there are always cds, Thanks!
Lisa and I had a fabulous time at your 30th anniversary show. Thanks for doing the slide show--that brought great memories. You are all an inspiration and as long as you keep playing, we'll be there to laugh--not at you, but near you.
Will the 30th Anniversary T-Shirt be available online? The show was fantastic!
Keep being weird! In a good way, of course!
Hi there. You guys rock. I found you thanks to an old Snopes article about your good old buddy David Grundman. I now own 2 of your albums, and I can see more in my future. Can I make one teeny weeny request? Your player is fun...but I am blind and using a screen-reader. Often times, your music overshadows the voice that is helpingme navigate the page. I cannot access any buttons in the player frame. Is there any way that you could make the controls not be transparent or opaque so maybe I'd be able to hit the stop button so I can actually read your page without straining? Oh, and IE seems to think your store is phishing. Silly IE. But thanks for the music, you guys are awesome and I'm sad I'd never heard of you before. Darcie from the Lizards answering you, here. When you mention IE, do you mean internet explorer, the microsoft mouse device, or something else? Also, although the streaming player is small, it's nots not transparent. If you click the "pause" button, the music will stop. You can email me at austinloungelizards@austinloungelizards.com and I'll try to help with this a little more.
Long shot I know, but is there any likelihood of the Lizards visiting the UK? I would be happy to spend a number of our British pounds to see (and hear) you guys live.
Time for another visit up North, fellers (and ladies)! Chicago, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Madison, any will do, but we neeeeed you!
Great git at Spicewood.
Thanks, you guys (and Darcie) for proving my good judgment in recommending you for eons to the Spicewood Arts Society. It was great to see them get un-stuffy and the audience obviously agreed with the choice. Hope to see you again soon.
How can we get permission to sing the Pirate Health Care Insurance song? We are a small chorus in a small town in Southeastern Arizona. Is there sheet music that we can purchase? I can arrange it for our chorus if I need to, but would like permission to use it. Thanks Carol, Occasional Chorus, Bisbee, Arizona.
Hey guys, just checking up on you. I remember when you guys used to come up to Kingsport TN every year for the New Years Eve Festival. Me and My dad would always hit your show first and then try to come back at least for one more show that night. After 2000 they quit having the festival so I havent gotten to see you guys since. You guys are a big part of my younger New Years Memories. Hopefully Ill get to see you guys again with the new members, but until then there are always cds, Thanks!
i love you guys and dolls (sorry for the corniness!). in seminary we heard your classic 'jesus loves me, but he can't stand you' and now, who else but the A.L.L. would comment on the banking robbers....:0)
Not sure how many of your wonderful shows I have seen guys (haven't seen the girls yet) -- I just can't quite remember. "Drugs I Need" shows you are still going strong as it has some of my favorites including the brilliant "One True God". I laughed, I cried, etc. Please come back to the Pennsylvania area soon so I can indoctrinate some more fans by treating them to the live Lizards experience. Oh, and sorry for that email I sent you back before I went to my first show that threatened you with death if you didn't play "Rocky Byways". All things considered, it was a good thing you did though.
Have been a fan for years, but haven't been in tune with you lately, good to be back, Comming to Rhode Island again. Loved the shows you did here years ago!
I found this in an email from AlegroMedical.com a web supply house of medical aids, cushions, walkers, etc for the disabled and others. A product to stop snoring, ("The Snore Wizard"), has an ad that begins: Whatever the reason for your chronic, continuous snoring, be it that you're getting older, drunker or fatter, you're probably getting on your bedmate's nerves, not to mention ....... Sue 'em for plagarism! Love, John, a fan since your first Strawberry performance ....
When are you guys coming back to Bristol/johnson city tennessee again? Soon I hope!!!
Hank, Tom, Conrad, I've enjoyed listening to you over the years and was lucky enough to see you perform in St. Louis a few times. Here's an idea: let fans order customized CDs with 2 or 3 songs from each of several different albums. I suspect I'm not alone in liking several songs from each of your CDs more than the others. Keep writing and playing. You're the best. Jim Busch
Great to see you at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass again. Why, might I ask, don't you all play "Cornhusker Refugee" when you're here in SF?
Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco! After years of being a fan, this was my first time seeing you'all live and I wasn't disappointed (Betsy, I loved the Pirate Song!). You need to come to the Bay Area more often - you guys are naturals for us here! Many thanks, again. b
When, if ever, do you play the NYC-Metro area? I could use a laugh. Mark in Greenwich Village
conrad: i had a nice time chatting with your wife julie at hardly strictly bluegrass on saturday. sorry i didn't make it over to the merch tent after your show. i loved your set and hope you guys and gals return again. keep up the great and funny work.
When are you coming back to California?
Thanks for your contribution to the Midnight Special Folk Festival on September 20. Two of your songs were especially pertinent to one of my friends who is gradually coming to the end of her medical bills from all the tests and treatments for leukemia (successful at last, I'm happy to say). And then I got the Will Ferrell video that recalled the CEO song. Wunderbar!
Totally enjoyed your contribution to the Midnight Special Folk Festival on Sept 20, from Michael Smith's introduction to your final song before the intermission. Jung must have been watching, too, because his concept of synchronicity speaks to my e-mail from MoveOn.org this morning. Follow the URL to see what I found. http://pol.moveon.org/insurance_execs/?id=17291-6253621-.TUIAtx&t=2 Thanks for making the trip from Austin to Skokie. And if you see Bianca DeLeon, tell her David says Hi.
great show in spokane -very cute bass player.. just read previous post..everyone loves/lusts after bass player.. rick
Why thank you Rebecca! (blushing!). Seattle ROCKED!! it was so much fun. Thanks for being there!
Just saw y'all in Seattle at the Tractor. Damn you're funny. Great musicality... I have a TOTAL crush on that Bass player... my o my.
So when are you going to come back to New York???? Albany, Kingston, Woodstock even better!!! We miss you!!!
Great performance at Summerfolk Saturday night in Owen Sound, You were a fun group. Thanks Jim
Betsy and Everyone, We just got a show at the Cactus Cafe at the UT Union in Austinon Sept. 12. Hope you can make it. Also, hi, Wayne & Colleen! Yes, please come to Skokie or Monroe. We miss those times in Iowa City. As for Bob & Claire, we're going to be in New Hampshire sometime in 2010--we'll put it up soon on the site. Carlos, we'll see you in Seattle. And Bill, Korey left the band to work on his acting and Boo just got too busy with his other band and work. Thanks, Y'all!
This is for Hank: I have known your sweet niece Emma Fuller Monk from the past few summers at Camp Waldemar. I finally met her mom and little sis recently and they told me about Uncle Hank. I live in Austin and want to see a show, but it doesn't look like you have any shows in the near future. When will you be at the Continental Club or close venue? Betsy Hime
I still miss Texas! Still exiled in NY - my own highway cafe of the damned. Send industrial strength tranquilzers. Might see y'all in Seattle.
Well, I hopped on the website to see where you've been, are now, or plan to be since I haven't seen you in over a year (at either Wolf Trap or in Reston, VA). ...surprised to find you have "retooled" the group. What happened to Boo and Korey? ...loved Boo's smooth voice and Korey's German hip-hop. (Of course, I miss the rest of you too; saw your act over a half-dozen times I think -- lost the count!) When are you going hit this area again (or possibly western North Carolina if you ever land there)?
We see your tour dates include some midwest appearances, and we are SO thrilled to think we might be able to see you in Skokie and/or Monroe in the fall. It's about time! We/re overdue for a ALL fix. Wayne and Colleen Prophet (formerly of Iowa City IA and now of Madison WI and St, Paul MN)
Hi! My husband and I have missed seeing you the past couple of years up here in New Hampshire. We used to see you perform at DelRossi's. Will you be doing any concerts in New Hampshire anytime soon? We really have missed you!! Until we meet up again, take care and keep singing!! Best wishes, Bob & Claire
And thanks, Shawne and Mike, too. I'm a little slow on the draw here. John nothing in NYC any time soon. Does Ontario count?
Sorry, we've been on vacation. Danielle, thanks. And Scott--we'll be in Troy, AL on October 20, so bring your family and ruin their lives for sure.
any nyc dates?
hey y'all-----GREAT to see (AND HEAR) the women a great addition!!!!!!
The lizards can brighten my darkest days!
Michael, Yes, "Teenage Immigrant.....On Drugs" is also on the CD "Small Minds."
I love your music guys.
Is "Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs" on any of your cd's other than Live Bait?
Songbooks, all these great ideas! Keep 'em coming! I'll see about posting Gingrich the Newt on our listen/watch page... since he's back in the news the song is current again!
My husband and I think you guys (& now gals) are wonderful; we quote you to our friends & family members, if you can imagine. You saved my sanity - sort of - the night you sang, "We've Been Through Some Crappy Times Before." Thanks! PS: It would be great if you could put out a songbook!
Looong-time fan, and thanks for years of enjoyment. As a public service, would you post "Gingrich the Newt" for folks to hear? Since the guy's come back to haunt us? We need every weapon at our disposal, and I'd be proud to link to it. Folks in the blogs I frequent would love it!
When are you coming South? We've raised our son on your CD's and he hasn't spent all that much time it the school counselor's office. Seriously, he's 11 and a big fan. He has an audition for Show Choir this fall and is considering doing "You Can Eat Dog Food." Please come to North Alabama/Central Tennessee and you can meet him and see what you've done.
Love you guys! Come to Delaware (tax free shopping heaven) or Philly (cheese steaks) soon. Its been a long time since you've come close to where I can come see you.
you guys are too much fun -- i fell in love with "paint me on velvet" a very long time ago!!!
HI folks, Has that emeritus-Lizard, Lex Browning gotten in touch with you yet? We've just released his first solo CD,. Good Rain, on Red Newt Records (www.frederickproductions.com and www.jeffreyfrederick.com). Not as funny as what you guys do, but damn good. I'll be putting up some video clips on YouTube etc. of Lex from his record release show (June 10) and Music Millennium show from this past weekend. Lex has MySpace and Facebook profilesThere's a bunch of videos up showing Lex with the Freak Mountain Ramblers, here in Portland, and also when we played with Jeffrey Frederick's Les Clams. (I married Jeffrey's widow, Kathryn so ended up in this family.... if you don't recall his music, check it out. Generally funnier than all get out, but a lot ruder than your tunes... except for Red Newt, which isn't about Gingrich.... I think that's the first ALL song that really grabbed me.....). Oh, and Lex does lead and plays on a bunch of Jeff's tunes on our tribute album, St. Jeffrey's Day: the Songs of Jeffrey Frederick, Vol 1. I see you'll be at my old stomping ground, the Palms, in a couple weeks. Great venue, has been for decades.
Hey, thanks for all your comments & questions. Pittsburgh, NY, NH, MA, we're talking about it... sooner or later something will materialize. "Tastes Like Chicken" is on the CD "Strange Noises in the Dark." And up in Owen Sound... I'll let Hank know we need to do "Cornhusker."
I used to go to see you every time you were in Pittsburgh.......but you haven't been to Pittsburgh in years, as far as I know. We miss you...when are you coming to the area?
Is the refrain "tastes like chicken!" from one of your songs? Which one? Which CD? Love your stuff -- I need to buy these CD's as instructive material for new HS graduates about to leave the comforts of their aboringinal homes. Thanks much.
We have just bought two of your CDs and they have made us laugh. My favorites are The Other Shore and The Me I Used To Be. We look forward to seeing your group when you play at Carson City, Nevada on June 14.
Just read that the band will be performing at Summerfolk (Owen Sound, Ontario) in August 2009. Our family has been fans for years and you have been responsible for many laughs. Please include " Comhusker Refugee" in your sets - it is a family anthem.Thanks!
Oh Sages of Our Time, My daughter and I have really enjoyed Drugs I Need and Employee of the Month. Do you have any plans to issue karaoke CDs of your most cherished works? Thanks for considering it. We love singing along.
I love the Austin Lounge Lizards and have been buying their CD's since I first heard "Gingrich the Newt" on NPR...Do they ever play in NH or Mass.?
I love you guys! I wish you would come to NYC!